Code of Conduct

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are important components of our corporate culture. This Code of Conduct defines the principles of our actions with regard to our responsibility towards our customers, employees and suppliers as well as the environment.

  1. Discrimination Any discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination of employment or retirement based on gender, age, religion, race, caste, birth, social background, disability, ethnic or national origin, nationality, political membership or views, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status or any other condition is prohibited.

  2. Observance of human rights We respect internationally valid human rights within our sphere of influence. In particular, we respect the dignity and personal rights of our employees and of third parties with whom we have business contacts. We demand from our suppliers that no materials from conflict regions are mined or processed, the extraction of which may lead to human rights violations.

  3. Acting in violation of antitrust law We stand for free and fair competition and also expect our suppliers not to enter into any agreements in violation of antitrust law and not to abuse their possibly existing dominant position in the market.

  4. Environmental protection We are committed to complying with applicable national environmental laws, regulations and standards and to the responsible use of our natural resources. Our raw materials are selected according to environmental and occupational safety aspects and we avoid using particularly harmful chemicals. Proper disposal or recycling of waste is a matter of course for us.

  5. Fair working conditions We provide a safe and healthy working environment and take effective measures to avoid or prevent potential accidents and harm to employees' health related to the working environment. Our employees are required to avoid behavior that endangers their own health or safety and that of others. To this end, regular training is provided and an annual risk assessment is carried out. We are responsible for appropriate remuneration and guarantee the minimum wages set by law or collective agreements. The observance of the legally stipulated working hours is guaranteed.

  6. Freedom of opinion The right to freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed.

  7. Child labor and forced labor Child labor is prohibited in accordance with the provisions of the ILO (International Labor Organization) Conventions, the United Nations and in accordance with international legislation. We are expressly opposed to any form of child labor and reject any knowing use of forced labor. The rights of juvenile workers must be protected. The minimum age for admission to employment shall be observed in accordance with the national regulations of the respective countries.

  8. Combating Corruption We do not support corruption of any kind. All forms of corruption, extortion and bribery are prohibited and will be stopped immediately if they become known. We will not tolerate illegal contributions of any kind with the aim of obtaining orders or dubious advantages. Our employees undertake to do everything in their power to prevent corruption within their sphere of influence.

  9. Duty of confidentiality All information, knowledge and documents made available to us by third parties will be treated by us with absolute confidentiality. Each employee is obligated to maintain silence about internal company information. The reproduction and/or disclosure of documents, records and data to third parties in any way that is not in the interest of our company is expressly prohibited.

Reichshof in August 2022

Klaus Rothstein